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Ngeon-Sod Seasoning Co., Ltd. The concept is make it easy and convenience in cooking. Suitable for any one who can not cook under slogan ‘One spoon delicious’

Ngeon-Sod Seasoning Co., Ltd. was founded in 1976 by Mr. Thanathong Siripunya (a teacher at Samutprakan) and his wife, Mrs. Supakorn Siripunya They opened a restaurant called ‘Puyking’.

They sold meat noodles with the cheapest price, 3 baht. At that time, their noodles were very popular. Many people would like to buy their recipes. So that they improved and developed various instant seasoning. Initially there were a few kinds of seasoning such as concentrate noodle soup, Stewed Noodles, seasoning for fried rice, chicken fried with basil leaves and Pad Si Eiw. Moreover we provide made to order service according to your requirement.

In 1982 we gained award in the field of best idea provided by Mr.Kamchat Keepanit, Public Relations Department. Regarding to free eating on Teacher’s Day, this is well-known for local people. In 1981-1983 there were some journalists came for interview such as Thai Rath and Daily News. This makes us more famous and gained clients from other provinces.

In 1984 Mr. Nares was quit from his career and become running his own business. He tried every aspects of selling like free taste, free product, cheap price etc.

In 1987 gain certificate from Ministry of Public Health and allowed in 1989. Introduced products into market by introducing to the food shops and restaurants.

In 1994 was registered Charungres Co., Ltd. and planed to find dealers.

In 1996 was registered Ngeon-Sod Seasoning Co., Ltd. to run manufacturing seasoning. Our factory is located at Sri Mahapo District, Prachinburi. Nowadays we are instant seasoning manufacturer and supplier under the brand ‘Puyking’. The management is based on the sale of food before.

Our products are made of natural raw materials without any toxic. The special feature is able to replace all other ingredients. Today we have more than 30 products divided into types of food. For example: Soy seasoning (Original) for fry and others. Seasoning for noodles, concentrated soup and clear soup. Seasoning for A la carte, sukiyaki, Pad Thai, Rad Nah, Pad Si Eiw, Fried rice with shrimp paste, Kao Mun Kai, Salad, Thai Spicy Salad, Fried mussels. Moreover we provide instant chilies pastes such as Red Curry and Green curry etc. We provide made to order according to


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Company Name: Ngeon-SodSeasoningCo.,Ltd.
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Company Name: Ngeon-SodSeasoningCo.,Ltd.
Contact Person: Ms.PhatcharakornSiripoonya
Address: 237 Moo.3, Teparak
Province: Samutprakan
Country: Thailand
Zip Code: 10270
Phone: +662 753 0732-4
Fax: +662 753 0735
Mobile: +6681 909 9500
E-Mail: seasoningthailand@gmail.com
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